Aha me Hearties, enter the Halie & Matthew Pirate Ship at ye own risk. 'Tis was th' home 'o th' infamous Blackbeard from th' the hour he captured 'tis ship in 1699 till he met his Davy Jones at th bottom of th sea.  Built fer speed 'n debauchery, Blackbeard added 26 guns 'n 100 men to 'tis here ship 'n turned it into th' most powerful scurvy pirate abode in American & Caribbean waters. In it’s heyday the Halie & Matthew looted 500 ships which netted good ol’ Blackbeard Loads 'o treasure 'n fortune. Not to mention women!

Truth be told, before makin' his captives swim th' plank, Blackbeard would tie strin's 'o their hair to th' ends 'o his beard 'n then set it on fire.

So shiver me timbers! Enter at ye own risk..be careful whar ye swim, be careful 'o what ye shout.. His Ghost be bound to find ye 'n th' plank ye gunna walk.