Andrea is the secret weapon, cheerleader and advisor for second career female entrepreneurs and CEO’s.

As an entrepreneur herself she has lived through starting a company and raising 2 rounds of capital.  With 15+ years of creating award winning, impactful work, Andrea is a business strategist with expertise in crafting value propositions, marketing, branding, visual design, technology strategy for companies like, SAP, Intel, Stanford University, Nike and the New York City Marathon.

Andrea helps second career female entrepreneurs because she knows both the pain points and expertise needed to start your own business. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, she has seen it all. And she has come out on top. 

After working in politics for leaders such as Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid, Andrea moved into creating world-class experiences for companies like Unilever and Under Armor and eventually cofounding an event software management company. Whether it’s politics or business, brand impact or human connection, she understands what makes both businesses and people thrive.

She may be a nationally recognized speaker, writer and strategist on female entrepreneurship, technology, politics and business, but Andrea’s not all work. She also loves to play! From sailing to skiing, to hiking with her poodle, Reuben, Andrea loves to be outside and enjoy everything life has to offer.

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