If you are looking for someone with a deep understanding of technology, business and second career female entrepreneurship or someone whose daily work lives at this cross section, look no further.


As a skilled live and on-air personality, Andrea brings energy, warmth and panda-like reflexes to hosting, emceeing, interviewing and commentating.  She uses a thoughtful approach to facilitate interactions, spark understanding and fuel future conversations. By breaking down complex issues she gives audiences an understanding of how emerging technology and business trends are changing our lives and experiences.



We used to buy products in a market where we could touch and experience them. In this world of tech, products are now often out of reach for the consumer.

As a shameless geek and entrepreneur, Andrea has been on the front lines of these changes in technology for the past 15 years. Having started her own successful tech company and worked directly with the largest names in tech (think Intel and SAP) to create award winning experiential marketing campaigns, Andrea knows how to bring tech from online to in-person with enthusiasm, relatability and savvy.  

Together we will:

  • Bring hardware and software to life through engaging experiences.
  • Create an experience using hosting skills to entrance an audience in your latest innovations.
  • Take something that feels overwhelming, complex, or big, and make it accessible without losing the joy and inspiration.



Fluent in tech, humans and startups, Andrea is in the perfect position to spark new conversations and draw compelling connections between these worlds.

With deep knowledge of the technology industry, business, female entrepreneurship and fundraising, Andrea is the right person to join your podcast or live show, speak at your next conference or offer opinions in written articles.  

Together we can explore topics, such as:

  • Build the counterculture of moving tech from online to in person.

  • From vision to 'to do' list: how to start a successful company.

  • Decide when to co-found or found.
  • Work through how to tackle doubting your personal value when asking for money.
  • How to get into the fundraising mindset.


Andrea's empathetic and logical approach was the perfect combination for me. She fostered my big ideas and helped tame them into a strategic business plan. Highly recommend!